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Fire Emblem Warriors’ Shadow Dragon DLC Arrives on Switch Next Week

Fire Emblem Warriors, shadow dragon

Fire Emblem Warriors’ Shadow Dragon DLC Arrives on Switch Next Week

Nintendo has today announced that Fire Emblem Warriors’ Shadow Dragon DLC pack, which includes three new characters, new skills, History maps, and more, will hit the Nintendo Switch version on Feb. 14.

As you may have guessed from the DLC’s title, it’s pretty heavily based on the popular DS title, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Navarre, Minerva, and Linde will be the three new characters joining Fire Emblem Warriors’ roster.

New skills, history maps, costumes, weapons, and weapon attributes, many of which hail from Shadow Dragon, will make up the rest of the DLC pack. You can check out the full breakdown of Shadow Dragon’s additions to Fire Emblem Warriors below:

  • New Skills: Lone Wolf, Quick Wit, and Minerva’s Iote’s Shield, which cancels any enemy effectiveness.
  • New History Maps: Princess Minerva Map, Knorda Market Map and the Brush in Teeth Map.
  • New Support Conversations
  • New Costumes: Lyn’s Swordmaster costume, as well as costumes for Marth, Caeda and Tiki.
  • New Armor Break Models
  • New Weapons: Include Caeda’s Wing Spear, Linde’s Aura, Navarre’s Wo Dao, Minerva’s Hauteclere, Tiki’s Divinestone and Anna’s Bow.
  • New Weapon Attributes: Include the ability to swap attack and defense, as well as inflicting additional damage against characters with the same or opposite gender.

Nintendo also confirmed today that a free content update will be made available on the same day, which will add new weapon skills, blessings, and raise the max level cap in the game.

The Shadow Dragon DLC pack is the second of three planned post-launch content releases for Fire Emblem Warriors. All three come as part of the season pass which is available for $19.99, or can be purchased individually for $8.99 each. An Awakening-based DLC pack will also make its way to Fire Emblem Warriors at some point in March 2018, though a specific date has yet to be announced.

Fire Emblem Warriors is available now on Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

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