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Final Fantasy XV on PC Will Support Cross-Play With Xbox One


Final Fantasy XV on PC Will Support Cross-Play With Xbox One

Good news for owners of Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One: The upcoming PC port of the game will support cross-play between the two platforms.

In a blog post made to their official website, Square Enix revealed  the latest port for Final Fantasy XV will offer cross-play between PC and Xbox One via its online mode, Comrades. The function will be made available in a post launch update sometime after the PC port’s release on March 6. As with other titles that offer cross-play functionality though, there are no signs that the feature will be made available on PlayStation 4.

The announcement came alongside many others related to the PC port, including information on some of the different DLC available via preorder through different outlets and the launch date of a free demo for the new version of the game. A breakdown of some of the most interesting offerings can be found here.

Originally released Nov. 29, 2016, Final Fantasy XV has grown and changed vastly since it first launched with the addition of the online multiplayer mode Comrades, story driven DLC packs and a slew of free updates and patches. Square Enix shows no signs of ceasing support anytime soon either; past the release of the PC port, three more DLC packs are planned for release in 2018, and a Royal Edition of the game is set for release on March 6.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more on the game, check out our original review as well as what the game’s director had to say about an all female spin-off title.

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