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Final Fantasy XIII: How to Beat Odin


Final Fantasy XIII: How to Beat Odin

How to Beat Odin in Final Fantasy XIII

Eidolon battles are some of the toughest bosses you’ll face in Final Fantasy XIII, and the second battle with Odin can be particularly tricky. The battle takes place early on in Final Fantasy XIII, and unfortunately, you’ll only have Hope and Lightning in your party at the time. This limits your options a bit with only two characters, but we’ll help you overcome the boss.

First things first, before the battle with Odin begins you need to do a couple of things. Use all your experience to level up your Crystatrium as far as possible. You should also have gained the ability to upgrade weapons and items shortly before the battle, so upgrade what you can with the first thing being Spark Rings. Any Spark Rings you’ve found should be upgraded completely before the battle, and equipped to Hope and Lightning. Odin uses lots of lightning attacks, so reducing the damage can be crucial. Now you need to set up your paradigms. Set up a Medic-Medic paradigm, Medic-Ravager, and Ravager-Ravager, Commando-Ravager, Commando-Medic. Obviously, put Lightning in the attacking roles and Hope in the supporting roles.

Now to save you a step, if you use Libra on Odin here’s what you find out.

-Yields to those who amass chain bonuses (COM, RAV)
-Yields to those who heal the wounded (MED)

The battle with Odin is tricky because its time is limited, with a doom timer counting down on Lightning. Remember, however, that you don’t need to kill Odin but simply get the Gestalt meter all the way up to capture him. This is done by following the strategies above, and matching your actions to that of Odin’s. This is going to require careful switching and timing between your paradigms. This basically boils down to you defending and healing as Odin attacks, and then attacking full force when he’s defending, and slipping in a little more of both where needed.

If you find yourself really having trouble in Final Fantasy XIII’s battle against Odin, you can use Fortisol and Aegisol to give yourself buffs for the beginning of the battle. Start with the COM, RAV paradigm and attack or use Libra to get the readings above. Once he switches to attacking, either go full Medic, or switch to Hope as a medic to belay the damage a bit. Once he uses Ullr’s Shield he’ll go into defense mode, which is when you should switch to COM, RAV or RAV, RAV and attack full force.

The battle might take a bit of practice, as it plays out in attacking-defending cycles that you’ll want to get the hang of. Get the timing down on your paradigm switches, and make sure to keep healing up. Do note that only Lightning needs to survive the battle, so if you find things coming down to the wire with little time and a nearly full gauge you can attack all out to try and top it off. Odin will almost always attack Hope first, due to him being weaker than Lightning, so that can help give you that final push at the end.

That’s all you need to know about beating Odin in Final Fantasy XIII.

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