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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: What Time Ratings Refresh Goes Live


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: What Time Ratings Refresh Goes Live

What Time Ratings Refresh Goes Live in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Every year, sometime after the release of Team of the Year, EA Sports freshens up the player ratings in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, in the form of the Ratings Refresh/Winter Upgrades, to ensure that they’re a better representation of real-world football. That time is approaching for this year’s game.

The Ratings Refresh goes live in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team at 6PM GMT/1PM ET/10AM PT, where the new ratings will be applied to cards that come from newly-opened packs.

The FIFA Ratings Refresh can be quite complicated, so this is how it works: From the release time, any of the players that have been upgraded will get a new base card in packs, at the new rating. The original base cards will not change at all, staying at the rating they were given last September. Already existing special cards may increase if the Ratings Refresh rating overlaps the special card rating.

For example, Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) is likely to get an upgrade. His base 83-rated card will remain the same but should he get an 85-rated card, that new one will be the only one that can be found in packs from now on. If you own the 83 version, it will stay the same, but if you have any of his special cards in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, they will each increase so that there is still a scale. His 85 Hero card would increase to 86, his 86 in-form to 87, and so on for his higher-rated cards.

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