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Dragon’s Crown Pro Releases in Full This May


Dragon’s Crown Pro Releases in Full This May

Vanillaware’s gorgeous update of the excellent Dragon’s Crown is coming in the form of Dragon’s Crown Pro, which has just gotten its concrete established release date. You’ll be able to peruse the updated title as of May 15, which is likely great news for series diehards.

It’s been two months since the game was announced for the west, but now we finally have some details and something to look forward to. Dragon’s Crown Pro will come packing an updated soundtrack, 4K visuals, dual audio options, and cross-play with the game across all platforms. It’ll cost $49.99 USD upon release, which isn’t bad considering its various added applications.

Don’t forget you can also play co-op, with likely couch and online availability like the original version of the game had. You’ll definitely want a friend around to cleave through your enemies and drool over the new 4K artwork, which was already great-looking.

It doesn’t look as though there’s going to be a PC version, so if you’re going to be playing Dragon’s Crown you’ll have to stick to Sony consoles for the time being. But while you’re there, check out another excellent Vanillaware game in the form of Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, a fantastic port of the original PlayStation 2.

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