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The Diablo 3 Item With a Two Year Cooldown Is Finally Ready For Use


The Diablo 3 Item With a Two Year Cooldown Is Finally Ready For Use

If you thought global cooldowns for your favorite MMO and RPG skills and actions were bad, don’t complain, because you could end up with something like this Diablo 3 player got. Some poor sap on Reddit had to wait over two years before they could use their Bottomless Potion of the Tower:

Diablo 3

The unfortunate drop was posted on the Diablo 3 Reddit over two years ago back on November of 2015. A few Redditors who appreciated the hilarity of this completely insane and broken cooldown, set a reminder to be notified when the cooldown was supposedly up (assuming of course the potion was used around then) and would be ready for use once again. Personally, I’m not entirely sure if this is photoshopped or if there really is a possibility of getting a two year long cooldown on an item in Diablo 3, but either way it’s hysterical and I hope that it’s actually real.

If you want to be reminded of the next time the cooldown is up, players have already started setting reminders on the new post celebrating the return of the Bottomless Potion of the Tower. I hope that it served him/her well, and it continues to do so until the end of time (every two years of course).

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