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Destiny 2 Update 1.1.3 Out Now, Adds Nightfall Scoring and More


Destiny 2 Update 1.1.3 Out Now, Adds Nightfall Scoring and More

The 1.1.3 update for Destiny 2 is now live for all platforms, bringing additional options to the Nightfall playlist and general improvements.

The largest change in the patch is that both the normal and prestige difficulties for the Nightfall now scores players on their performance. Scores are determined by enemy kills and producing orbs, and reaching a high score will be displayed each Nightfall’s emblem. The team’s total score will be tallied after the completed mission, and players with scores above a certain target will be rewarded with the Nightfall Aura and a fireteam Vanguard Token.

The patch also introduces “Challenge Cards” for the Nightfall, which add modifiers that affect gameplay and increase scoring. Some examples are elemental modifiers that increase damage done and received, a power handicap to add more difficulty, and returning the fireteam to orbit if every member is dead. According to Bungie, “These cards will drop for DLC owners in the normal or Prestige Nightfall.”

Various emblems will now display more information for Crucible, destination, and Nightfall challenges, while awarding auras for completing specific milestones. Other changes in the update include opt-in PC text chat for social and public areas, increasing damage reduction for armor Masterwork pieces from 3% to 5%, and labeling where other fireteam members are on the map. Check out full patch notes via Bungie.

This February update is part of Bungie’s roadmap for Destiny 2 patches introduced last month. Last week, the studio revised the roadmap to delay certain features, such as changes to exotic items and improvements for the mod system. The next two updates planned are for March 27 and sometime in May, which is when Destiny 2’s second expansion is scheduled to launch.

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