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Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event Flaunts New Loot Next Week

Destiny 2, Crimson Days

Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event Flaunts New Loot Next Week

Bungie is bringing its Valentine’s Day-themed event back to Destiny 2 next week with an appropriate competitive multiplayer mode, a new map, and limited-time cosmetic items.

The seasonal Crimson Days event begins on Feb. 13 with the addition of a 2v2 Clash playlist where teammates receive faster ability cooldowns by sticking together, while separating exposes the team’s location to the enemy. A new map, called The Burnout, will be debuting for the occasion and is a new take on The Burning Shrine map from the original Destiny.

Crimson Days exclusive loot can be earned during the event from Crimson Engrams through the Crimson Days Crucible playlist and leveling up. Gaining a level will reward both an Illuminated Engram and a Crimson Engram, unlike the game’s winter event The Dawning which replaced the normal package with the seasonal one. Additionally, players will not receive duplicate items until all rewards have been found, which Bungie is calling a “knock-out list.”

Players can also earn an exclusive Ghost shell, exotic Sparrow, Wardcliff Coil ornament, and the Flaunting Dance Emote by completing certain activities or milestones. Check out the requirements and how the new items look in Bungie’s post.

Bungie announced some of these new changes to earning limited-time gear last month while addressing moving items away from Destiny 2’s Eververse microtransaction store into regular gameplay.

“Crimson Engrams will only be earnable through gameplay, but if you’re looking to directly purchase a specific item, Tess will also offer a selection of the Crimson Engram contents in exchange for the Bright Dust you are holding,” Bungie wrote in today’s post. “Gear purchased with Bright Dust will also count towards the ‘knock-out’ list mechanic described above, preventing duplicate items unless you have already earned all the rewards.”

All Crimson Days Engram rewards can also be broken down into Bright Dust. Crimson Days starts on Tuesday, Feb. 13 and ends a week later on Feb. 20.

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