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Civilization 6 Rise and Fall: How to Assign and Reassign a Governor to a City


Civilization 6 Rise and Fall: How to Assign and Reassign a Governor to a City

How to Assign a Governor to a City in Civilization 6: Rise and Fall

Governors are arguably the most distinct new feature added in Civilization 6: Rise and Fall. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid them since you will quickly acquire Governor Titles to utilize them very often throughout normal play once you have the expansion installed.

However, you might be wondering (if you’re here) how to actually assign and reassign governors to the city of your choosing. There are two main ways.

First whenever you get a Governor Title, and are prompted to do something with it by the game, it will automatically take you to the governor screen where you can decide what to do with your title. You can either spend it on a new governor, or upgrade an existing one. Below each governor is the option to Appoint (if you haven’t unlocked it yet), Assign (if you unlocked it but haven’t put them any where yet) or Reassign (if you have them assigned, but want to change their location). You can always switch things up by clicking the approrpirate button while on that screen.

If you decide that you want to assign or reassign a governor you already have, you can do that even without a governor title point. Simply go to the Governor tab located in the top left section of the UI next to Great Works, and follow the same instructions above.

Each governor has certain things that they are proficient in such as diplomacy, economics, science, military, etc. So think carefully about what governor you want to assign and reassign in Civilization 6: Rise and Fall. Think about what win you’re going for, and how that governor might help you achieve it.

That does it for how to assign and reassign Governors in Civilization 6: Rise and Fall. Best of luck out there civ fans!

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