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Best Xbox One Headsets for 2018


Best Xbox One Headsets for 2018

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Mid-Range – $100-200

Best Xbox One Headsets for 2018

Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver


The Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver is at the lower end of this price range, costing between $100 and $120, yet it doesn’t pale in comparison to the competition. The cushions around the ears, of which you’re provided with two pairs, are made from high-density memory foam, which hold the speakers further from you ears and improve the sound. They’re also very practical and versatile, featuring 50mm drivers and a detachable, noise-cancelling mic that makes voice chat sound perfect. They’re a little pricier than Kingston’s other headset creations, but they’re worth the extra few bucks.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament

Developed with esports in mind, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament headset is aimed at those who plan mammoth gaming sessions. The superb headband and ear-cup cushions make it a comfortable choice, but the option to alter the tension in the cups to allow for improved comfort for glasses-wearers makes it even better over hours of play. There’s also add-ons available that make it an even better package. The Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller allows you to precisely alter your audio experience, while a additional noise cancelling microphone ensures that your voice is the only thing that can be heard by those that are listening. Even without these additions, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament headset is a great option for Xbox One players.

Plantronics RIG 800LX

The RIG 800LX, Plantronics’ flagship headset, looks, feels, and sounds far more expensive than it actually is. It’s made from quality materials, it feels comfortable to wear, and sounds great for a $150 option. It lacks loud mic monitoring and 3.5mm connectivity, but it’s one of the easiest headsets on the market to use. It also comes with a code for Dolby Atmos, making the most of the headset’s surround sound capabilities. If you’re after a mid-range all-rounder, the Plantronics RIG 800LX would be a great choice.

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