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The Best New Minecraft PE Mods of January 2018


The Best New Minecraft PE Mods of January 2018

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Jurassic Craft

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This absolutely massive Minecraft PE mod includes 19 different dinosaurs with their own special sets of behaviors all in one, with a few allowing you to tame and ride them as well. While herbivores are passive, you’ll need to be careful around carnivores who will hunt and kill you if spotted. Some of the dinosaurs include Raptors, T-Rexes, the Indominus Rex from the film Jurassic World, Triceratops’, and more. You’ll even spot some of the dumber Dodo birds roaming around. Make sure to pair it with the Jurassic Craft World Map and you’ll be in for quite of few hours of dinosaur fun on Minecraft PE.

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