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Best 8 GTA V Mods of January 2018


Best 8 GTA V Mods of January 2018

Highfield Mansion

Best GTA V Mods of January 2018

highfield mansion gta v

Bastoudu66’s Highfield Mansion is a stunning house overlooking the hills of Los Santos. Complete with a helipad with space for at least three vehicles, your own personal assault rifle-wielding guards, show-room style garage, runway, and viewing platform, it’s a great place to organize your money making escapades from.

The design is wonderful and allows you to look out over the hills outside of central Los Santos. Its location is perfect for travelling by air as there’s little in the way of aircraft taking off or landing, and it is secure enough for you to keep all your prized possessions safe yet still visible. The only downside is that the water that surrounds it is purely for aesthetic purposes and cannot be swam in. Highfield Mansion is a great mod if you’re looking for a beautiful new place to call home in GTA V.

Kermit the Frog

Best GTA V Mods of January 2018

Kermit the frog

Seeing a human-sized Kermit the Frog roaming a city, wielding a machine gun, is unlikely to never be a hilarious site. That can become a reality with TheFriedturkey’s Kermit the Frog GTA V mod. From the way his arms move like a puppet’s to the felt-like material he seems to be made out of, the model is incredibly well-designed. Also, both his eyes and mouth move as the famous puppet’s do. It won’t make any difference to the gameplay in GTA V, but the Kermit the Frog mod will have you looking suitably ridiculous as you roam Los Santos in GTA Online.

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