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Top 10 Best Dynasty Warriors Characters of All Time


Top 10 Best Dynasty Warriors Characters of All Time

10. Zhu Rong

Top 10 Best Dynasty Warriors Characters of All Time

The Dynasty Warriors series has amassed a pretty huge roster over the years, now totaling over 80 playable characters by the time of Dynasty Warriors 9. Considering the series is loosely based on historical events, and we mean loosely, there’s a lot of key figures and twists and turns that happen. Although a lot of it does come down to personal preference, even with the huge roster there’s a few mainstays that stand out above the rest. We take a look at some of the best Dynasty Warriors character to grace the series. 

Zhu Rong is an interesting outlier in Dynasty Warriors not connected directly to the war of the Three Kingdoms, like her husband Meng Huo. The pair is encountered during the Nanman Campaign, and they fiercely defend their home from outside invaders. Interestingly, in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms literature Zhu Rong is actually the only woman that fights, defeating two Shu generals in the process. In most entries she wields a giant bladed boomerang weapons, which gives her a unique moveset different from most characters.

This idea is carried over to Dynasty Warriors as Zhu Rong is an incredibly strong woman, who more often than not ends up pulling her husband out of danger. Her Legend Mode in Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends depicts an event where Meng Huo is captured in Zhuge Liang’s camp. Single-handedly she sneaks into the camp, defeats Shu officers quietly, and breaks out her husband. Zhu Rong is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and one of the strongest women in the entire series.

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