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Bardock and Broly Are Ready to Brawl in Dragon Ball FighterZ


Bardock and Broly Are Ready to Brawl in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Gamers have enjoyed Dragon Ball FighterZ for almost a month. Bandai Namco is celebrating this anniversary with the announcement of the game’s first two DLC characters: the fan-favorites Bardock and Broly.

For those of you who aren’t caught up on Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) lore, Bardock is the father of Raditz and Kakarot (the legendary Saiyan warrior better known as Goku). Bardock first appeared as the protagonist of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku and later in the anime as part of a flashback that solidified his position in the franchise’s canon.

Broly, on the other hand, is what could be considered a genetic anomaly; he is a “Legendary Super Saiyan,” a being of immense power and rage that is far larger than most other Saiyans. He is main antagonist of the films Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan and Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming, which means he is considered non-canon. However, both characters have proven popular enough to appear in numerous Dragon Ball Z video games, including Dragon Ball FighterZ.

While these trailers only present the characters’ intro animations, the official Dragon Ball FighterZ site (which is only in Japanese) provides some much-needed information. According to the site, Bardock is a “rush character” who combines power and speed, excels in close quarters combat, and comes with a signature move called Riot Javelin. The site describes Broly as a “super power character” who overwhelms opponents with his long reach, sheer brute strength, and iconic Eraser Cannon.

Broly and Bardock are available through the FighterZ pass that costs $34.99. While Bandai Namco has not revealed if they will be available individually or when they will be available, gamers can expect six more DLC characters, if they buy the pass. Right now, we can only speculate the identities of these characters.

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