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Bandai Namco Creates Division Dedicated to New IP

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Bandai Namco Creates Division Dedicated to New IP

Bandai Namco is investing heavily in the creation of new and exciting IP. With the recent success of Dragonball FighterZ, the company saw a huge increase in revenue. Bringing in $607 million and joining the Evo 2018 roster, Bandai Namco are already looking to the horizon. In their latest financial report, they detail a new division for IP creation.

Investing $232 million in the unit over the next three years, Bandai shows its commitment to exploring all areas of new creation. This unit will sit alongside other divisions that will branch over a wide array of different mediums such as toys, videos, music, and more. “Aggressively” was the term used when talking about pursuing the creation of new IP.

Bandai Namco released 128 games in 2017, and 90 in 2016. However, despite releasing more games and sales being up 5.2%, profits were down 12.1%. This move towards the creation of new IP across the board will help diversify their sales. Code Vein is Bandai’s next new IP to be released and it seems like only the first of many new announcements from the company.

You can read the financial reports here.

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