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7 Anime Like Fairy Tail If You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Anime Like Fairy Tail If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Fairy Tail took the anime world by storm as an instant classic. Naturally, fans that binge through it all in one sitting are wondering what they should watch next. Well, if you like Fairy Tail, you’ll like these anime, too! Here’s 7 anime like Fairy Tail if you’re looking for something similar. Oh, and if you’re looking for just anime in general, here’s the best anime you could be watching in 2018, too!

Anime Like Fairy Tail

Rave Master

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Rave Master, also known as Groove Master Rave, is the most obvious anime for fans of Fairy Tail to watch. This is due in no small part to the fact that it’s basically Fairy Tail’s predecessor, both series being created by Hiro Mashima. Right off the bat you’ll notice a ton of similarities, with similar art styles, main characters, and both even have a mascot character, Happy in Fairy Tail and Pluu in Rave Master.

There are definitely parallels between the two series’ characters and story. Haru and Ellie are the main characters of Rave Master, and their relationship matches that of Natsu and Lucy. Both stories heavily involve magic, with the hero and other characters having their own specific powers. Just like Fairy Tale, Rave Master mixes elements of action, comedy, romance, and more into a Shounen anime.

Undoubtedly, if you love Fairy Tail you’re also going to love Rave Master.

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