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Altus Reveals Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology DLC Plans

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Altus Reveals Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology DLC Plans

The story’s not over yet.

Atlus has laid out their North American release schedule for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology’s DLC, making its way to players throughout the month of February.

Revealed in a post to My Nintendo News, the schedule details different items, story content and aesthetic tweaks players can purchase to extend their time with the game. While items and gear such as the Growth Ring and Mole Armlet go for $1.99, most every other pack goes for $2.49 apiece.

The full list of DLC and their corresponding release date can be viewed down below.

February 13

  • Growth Ring ($1.99): Consumable item. Gain additional EXP.
  • Mole Armlet ($1.99): Consumable item. Gain additional money.
  • New Difficulty: DEADLY (Free): Unlock “Near Death” difficulty.
  • Chibi Art Pack ($2.49): Switch main character art to Chibi art.
  • Classic Art Pack ($2.49): Switch main character art to original version’s.
  • Bathing in Mana ($3.99): Fan service event. Each character will show up ready for a swim. Plus an additional boss battle.

February 20

  • Rage of the Fallen ($2.49): Rescue Aht and Marco in New Granorg in different timeline.
  • Under the Moonlight ($2.49): Investigate information leak with Eruca and Rainey in New Granorg in different timeline.

February 27

  • Settling the Score ($2.49): Investigate the distortion in time with Rosch and Gafka in different timeline. Fight against seven bosses in sequence.
  • Meeting in the Chasm ($2.49): Explore the hidden past of Nemesia.
  • Hunting Corridor (2.99): A dungeon that you can find an item to boost up your character parameters.

A remake of the 2010 Nintendo DS title Radiant Historia, Perfect Chronology is a remaster and partial remake of the original game. Released June 29, 2017 in Japan, the title offers redesigned art, a new opening cutscene and a refined user interface with tweaks like the ability to speed up battles. It also boasts the new support skill system, wherein players can utilize follow-up attacks between characters in battle for increased damage.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is set to release in North America on Feb. 13, 2018 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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