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8 Games For History Buffs That Are Really Feeling Kingdom Come: Deliverance Right Now


8 Games For History Buffs That Are Really Feeling Kingdom Come: Deliverance Right Now


The recent release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance brings us a sweeping RPG that’s committed to historical accuracy. Its dedication is admirable, and if you find the historical simulation aspects up your alley then there are a few other titles you might enjoy. Although not all of these fall into the same genre or type of game as Kingdom Come: Deliverance, they all deal with history in interesting ways.


Historical Games Like Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Before the release of Battlefield 1, Verdun was one of the strongest shooters focused on World War I. Even after, Verdun is much more focused on realism and historical accuracy than Battlefield 1 is. This accuracy is done in a multitude of ways, with weapons that match the look and functionality of the time, battlefields mapped from a real World War I battlefield, and even realistic gore modelling based on the time.

Verdun is a multiplayer-focused shooter, and there’s a few different game modes to engage in. The main game mode, Frontlines, tries to recreate the feeling of World War I battles by having two teams take turns in attacking and defending different sectors. Verdun is very focused around trench warfare, and the focus of Frontlines is to push the enemy back over turns to capture their HQ. Players are separated into squads, all of which are actual squads that historically existed, and the classes that you have available are determined by which squad your in. Verdun can be a chaotic experience, just as you’d expect for a historically accurate World War I game.

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