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5 Reasons You Should Be Hyped for Dynasty Warriors 9


5 Reasons You Should Be Hyped for Dynasty Warriors 9

Huge Open World

dynasty warriors 9

For the first time in series history, Dynasty Warriors 9 is introducing an open world for players to roam about in. This is particularly exciting in a game where so much of the fun lies in finding enemies to slice into tiny ribbons, and the footage we’ve seen so far is absolutely gorgeous. Racing through jungles, forests, rivers and snowy landscapes, all the while looking for some hapless bandit to ruthlessly murder. It’s art imitating life.

The game also promises to feature areas populated by particularly tough foes, meaning you’ll have to come back later when you’ve beefed up your warrior a bit more, and the variety of baddies on offer is intriguing, to boot. In your travels, you’ll run into weapon-toting thugs of all shapes and sizes, as well as wild animals like bears and wolves – defeating them could make for an excellent meal afterwards (the wild animals, we mean.)

One of the best aspects of an open world title is the option to dither around and accomplish large amounts of nothing in the downtime between battles. You know what? War can wait, Ding Feng wants to deck out his crib.

Hideouts present an opportunity to customize and adorn your abode however you see fit, whether they be purely aesthetic, or allow for nifty bonuses. You can use your hideout to receive mail or even invite other characters to hang out with you. Jia Xu doesn’t just crash through enemy garrisons, he also crashes on your couch.

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