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5 NOPE Moments in Gaming That Ruined Our Childhood


5 NOPE Moments in Gaming That Ruined Our Childhood

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Tyrannosaurus Rex (Jurassic Park)

5 NOPE Moments That Ruined Our Childhood

Jurassic Park

Alright, so Jurassic Park on the Sega Genesis could already be considered a fearsome game, what with all of the raptors strutting about, but they can be easily felled with a few shots from the trusty tranquilizer gun. However, you will never know true trepidation until you walk past a conspicuously cracked section of the wall in the power station. The screen rumbles, and the bricks shatter away – the t-rex has arrived! How did it know you were there? Why did it choose to target that one damaged part of the building? And considering how high you’ve just travelled in the elevator prior to this, why is it fifty feet tall?

None of these questions will be answered however, as it begins to reach out its gaping maw, hoping to gobble you up whole. Your only way to progress through the stage is by running right past it in the deadliest game of cat and mouse ever. Its reaction time isn’t great, it can be stunned by explosions and flash grenades, and indeed, it spends most of its time vacantly staring ahead without any particular idea of what to do, but regardless of all this, it’s still enough to alarm even the bravest of risk takers.

Not content with that encounter, the t-rex stalks you in later levels, including popping its head into the visitor’s center, and even attacking you from inside of a waterfall. It’s unclear how it got in there, or why it has so many suitable vantage points to stage its assault from, but it’s clearly an excellent strategy to employ against that tasty looking noisy thing with the white hat (formally known as Alan Grant).

Completely random side note: in the opening cinematic, the t-rex’s snarl sounds a lot like it’s saying ‘mommy’. You may have never noticed this before, but it’ll be hard to get it out of your head now.

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