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5 Games That Would Make for Awesome PvEsports


5 Games That Would Make for Awesome PvEsports

Destiny 2

5 Games That Would Make for Awesome PvEsports

Bungie seems obsessed with the seemingly impossible task of trying to make a perfectly balanced competitive PvP mode that incorporates all of the weapons and equipment players can get in PvE 1:1 in Destiny 2. The major problem is that this approach is taking away from both PvP, and PvE, and neither is really thriving.

We say forget about PvP in Destiny 2, at least as an esport. What’s far more entertaining is the mad rush to be first clear on a new raid and seeing teams that are extremely good at the game clear the game’s most difficult fights, quickly and easily. That’s the part of Destiny 2 that Bungie should be trying to balance, embrace, and promote.

Get a prize pool together, invite five or six of the world’s best Destiny 2 clans, have them all start an extra-hard version of a raid at the same time, and then let the fun ensue. Destiny in its prime could pull in solid numbers on Twitch. Something like this would be a hell of an event and way more fun then watching team kills with scout rifles over and over again in Crucible.

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