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5 Best Dating Games If You’re Sick of Tinder


5 Best Dating Games If You’re Sick of Tinder

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5 Best Dating Games If You’re Sick of Tinder

Like most dating sims, Dream Daddy is pretty simple at its core: players craft a character and hold simple conversations with various romantic options while attempting to choose the best possible responses to get the other party to like you and hopefully, take things a little further.

But Dream Daddy stands out from the crowd with both its bold male-only homosexual romance options. It’s also colored by some absolutely top-notch writing, full of witty wordplay and hilarious puns. So much so, in fact, that it’s certain to have you coming back for multiple playthroughs to explore everything it has to offer.

Dream Daddy is published and developed by the popular YouTube group Game Grumps, and they’ve crafted seven gorgeous men with almost every personality type you could think of. Gothic-types, sporty-types, and the classic bad boy, there’s a personality to float everyone’s boat here.

Each of the seven dads have multiple endings, and the stories crafted for each romantic pursuit are a refreshing take on a genre that has become somewhat over-saturated as of late. If you’re looking for a new dating sim to try out, or are a newcomer to the genre in general, make sure to try our Dream Daddy for tons of father flirting fun.

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