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5 Best Dating Games If You’re Sick of Tinder


5 Best Dating Games If You’re Sick of Tinder


5 Best Dating Games If You’re Sick of Tinder

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Maintaining and fostering relationships is a core element in Persona 5’s gameplay, with closer bonds allowing you to craft stronger Personas and gain new abilities to use in battle. Some, like Morgana and Igor, level up on their own, while others have to be spurned on by the player themselves having you choose which people you want to dedicate your time to in various hangouts, study sessions, and even dates.

Unlike other previous entries in the Persona series, in Persona 5, you are only able to date women, and there are nine to choose from. Some are fellow high school students who might even join you and the Phantom Thieves in changing the hearts of corrupt adults, while others are adult women, happy date a charming highschool student.

Choosing who to date and following through by investing your time in the relationship is both satisfying and fun. Some are easier to pursue, say for example Ann who only requires your kindness to be at level 2 to fully max out her social link, while others like Makoto require more personal effort with a level three knowledge to even begin rank one of your relationship and max charm to get past rank six.

On top of it all, the characters in Persona 5 are engaging, unique, and memorable, with various differing opinions on who is actually the best romance option to pursue (hint: it’s totally Makoto). You can even try and romance more than one girl at a time, but be warned, you might stumble into a bit of trouble when a certain romantic holiday comes up.

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