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10 Developers That Have Never Made a Bad Game

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10 Developers That Have Never Made a Bad Game


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Founded in 1997 in the state of Washington, Sucker Punch is typically known for the development of two major franchises that spanned from the Nintendo 64 to the PlayStation 4. Sly Cooper and Infamous, two of their major franchises that seem very different from each other, but upon closer inspection, are actually very similar in a few ways.

Sucker Punch developed the first three Sly Cooper games before handing the franchise off to Sanzaru Games, who developed the fourth entry in the series, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The 3D platforming series managed to do extremely well with critics, keeping the Metacritic score above 80% for all three titles.

As for Infamous, the open sand-box superhero game that allowed you to choose your own path, also stayed above 80%, except for two games in the series, Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: Festival of Blood. The highly talented team over at Sucker Punch has always delivered high quality gameplay and stories for the past 20 years, and now the development team is working on their next title, Ghost of Tsushima, which was announced during Paris Games Week late last year. There is currently no release date, but you can expect a ton of samurai and swords.

Even their first game, Rocket: Robot on Wheels, was an excellent 3D platformer for its time.

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