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All Xbox One Game Releases for January 2018


All Xbox One Game Releases for January 2018

Another quiet month for the Xbox One.

Xbox One January 2018 Releases

During these winter months, once the major releases have hit our consoles during the peak season for the industry, we tend to get a much slower drip of games. This is especially the case when it comes to the Xbox One in January 2018. There are only two games hitting Microsoft’s console throughout the entire month and they both conveniently arrive on the same day.

The first of these is Monster Hunter World. Its Xbox One release on January 26 will mark the first time that the series has been featured on Microsoft’s platform. For those unfamiliar, the Monster Hunter series is all about fighting massive creatures, looting them for resources, crafting more powerful weapons and armor, and doing it all over again (albeit with bigger creatures every time). Each of the 14 different weapon types in the game will ultimately determine what moves you have available to you in combat. As such, you’ll need to analyze your opponent and work out its weaknesses and then use the right tools for the job to take care of them easily. With plenty of content packed into its dangerous world, this is a fun little ARPG to keep you occupied during these cold, quiet months.

If hunting monsters and crafting epic gear isn’t your thing then you’re in luck, because Dragon Ball FighterZ is the other title hitting the Xbox One in January 2018. Heck, it even releases on the same day (January 26). Dragon Ball FighterZ’s campaign is made up of three different parts, offering the player a chance to follow the story and take up arms in battle as the Saiyans, the enemies, or the Androids. On top of that, players will also get access to a more traditional Arcade mode as well as up to eight-player multiplayer in both Casual and Ranked play.

FighterZ doesn’t just continue with the tried and tested Dragon Ball formula, though. Instead, it borrows from the likes of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, implementing its control scheme and team battle mechanics. With a bunch of iconic stages and characters for players to combine and mess around with, Dragon Ball FighterZ should be at the top of every fans’ list.

Though it might be a quiet January 2018 for the Xbox One, December did bring a few more great titles that you might have missed out on. Be sure to check them out here.

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