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4 Ways to Make the Overwatch League Even Better


4 Ways to Make the Overwatch League Even Better

Make something great even better.


Although a majority of Overwatch fans will likely watch the matches through Twitch, which has a 2-year streaming rights contract for the league, you can also watch the games through your copy of Overwatch itself on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Whenever a game is live you can click on a “Watch Now” button on the game’s Overwatch League menu and live stream it right through your console or PC.

Since this is something Blizzard is able to monitor, it would be amazing if those who watched the matches on Overwatch itself could be rewarded for showing interest in the league by putting in the time to watch the games. The league skins each cost 100 League Tokens that can obtained through purchasing them with real currency. Imagine if every time you streamed an entire match through Overwatch you got a certain amount of coins to then use to buy skins to support your favorite teams? Not only does it reward players for their dedication to the league, it will likely increase team followings and league support in general.

Each of the 12 teams has a specific color scheme for their skins, and if you have been on Overwatch since the start of the season on Jan. 10 you’ll already see a ton of players repping their favorite teams. If you’re thinking about what skins to spend your free 100 tokens on, check out our breakdown on the 25 best skins to get before the event ends.

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