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Twitch Lands High Profile Streamers In Disney Deal

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Twitch Lands High Profile Streamers In Disney Deal

Twitch just snagged some big names in the video game streaming sphere.

The streaming platform Twitch has new, regular content on the way from high profile YouTube personalities thanks to a deal with Disney’s Digital Network.

Revealed earlier today, the deal allows Twitch to stream exclusive content from big name YouTubers Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, LuzuGames and Strawburry17. Though some of the personalities have produced content for the platform before, the new channels will provide regular streams and videos only available through Twitch.

The channels will come with a new suite of Video Producer tools allowing the personalities to specify when new content will air and when reruns of said content can be viewed. Clips from streams and video content can be captured and edited by viewers and streamers alike, but reposting of the content must adhere to copyright restrictions for both Twitch and the site where they are posted.

The announcement comes at a point when many in the YouTube community are on edge over the ongoing controversy of the handling of Logan Paul, whose video of a suicide victim brought a wave of negative press to the streaming platform. With Google, the owner of YouTube, having recently announced sweeping overhauls in how videos are monetized as a response, the question of whether streamers can sustain income from the platform remains a prevalent issue.

The first pieces of content and the new Video Producer tools are set to release later today.

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