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Try out Fallout 4 This Weekend via Steam for Free

Fallout 4, Nuka-World, DLC, everything you need to know

Try out Fallout 4 This Weekend via Steam for Free

The apocalypse is now free.

Bethesda’s mammoth post-apocalyptic simulator will be free this weekend starting Thursday, so now’s the time to snag it and play it if you haven’t played the game just yet. We know there are still some of you out there, miraculously, who haven’t played it already. Now you can, and you can also rack up some sweet discounts if you decide to keep it.

Fallout 4’s base game will be 33% off, but you can also grab the Game of the Year Edition at 40% off, and 50% off the Season Pass, which includes 7 different types of DLC. They include Automatron, Contraptions Workshop, Far Harbor, Nuka World, Vault-Tech Workshop, and Wasteland Workshop if you’re keeping track. For nearly half off their normal prices, you’re getting a pretty good deal.

If you’re ready to start checking out America after the bomb in-game (and meet up with some wacky ghouls while you’re at it) you can grab Fallout 4 via Steam on PC beginning this Thursday. If you fall in love with it, at least your wallet won’t have to suffer. Too much.


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