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Top 5 Best PS4 Visual Novels of All Time


Top 5 Best PS4 Visual Novels of All Time

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Steins;Gate 0

The original Steins;Gate is widely considered one of the best visual novels of all time, but it isn’t on PlayStation 4, unfortunately. It’s available pretty much everywhere else, so you can still play it, but not on PlayStation 4. Luckily, its excellent follow-up Steins;Gate 0 is.

The Steins;Gate franchise is an entertaining and wholly strange adventure all about time travel. You watch the game’s events unfold via the eyes of the team of one Hououin Kyouma and send “D-mail” to the past as you unlock the mysteries of this time travel thriller. Fittingly, that’s short for “DeLorean mail.” You’ll also be engaged in face-to-face discussions, which could be interrupted by voice calls as well. These events are where you begin traveling down branching paths, hurtling toward one of the multiple endings.

The sequel picks up directly after where the original Steins;Gate left off, after the death of one important character. Protagonist Rintaro Okabe is understandably depressed, and decides there will be no more time traveling to the past to try and prevent said character’s death or the onset of World War 3. After a certain chain of events occur, he ends up interacting with different timelines anyway, which brings on a whole new set of happenings that are just as mind-blowing as the first game’s. Make sure you don’t miss the original Steins;Gate, but if you did play through it, you shouldn’t miss its sequel, conveniently available on PlayStation 4.

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