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Top 10 Mario Spin-Off Games and Side Hustles


Top 10 Mario Spin-Off Games and Side Hustles

Super Mario Monopolization!

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8. Mario Golf

If Vegas oddsmakers were analyzing a sporting tournament that was literally named after one of the competitors, they would surely be inclined to believe that this whole thing is rigged. Despite this however, the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom occasionally hit the links and try to nail a birdie or two. Unsurprisingly, Mario is legend around the putting greens, and everyone aspires to be like him. Sounds like Super Mario Nepotism to us.

The mechanics of this golfing series are simple and intuitive, allowing novice golfers to get into the swing of things, while also having enough on offer to satisfy those after more control. The promotional website for the GameCube version, Toadstool Tour, had an excellent series of gameplay videos accompanied by fictional commentator Sandy Green. In one of them, he coins the phrase ‘Wario must be a bus driver… ’cause he is taking those kids to school!’, an absolutely excellent quip that we heartily suggest you pull out at your next gaming session. Surely someone will be impressed, though it might just be yourself.

With a wide smattering of courses to choose from, there’s a range of golfing experiences for your enjoyment. Some of them hearken to more realistic, subdued landscapes, while others have familiar Mario enemies flitting about. The challenge is to resist the urge to smack them directly in the face with your golf ball, and just taking one look at that Wiggler’s smug grin makes it a daunting task indeed.

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