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Top 10 Mario Spin-Off Games and Side Hustles


Top 10 Mario Spin-Off Games and Side Hustles

Super Mario Monopolization!

10. Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario

Mario is a man who has worn many hats (sometimes in the literal sense), and one of his most famous personas is as that of Dr. Mario, resident physician and menace to all things virus. Entering the medical profession typically requires years of study and dedication, but in the case of our boy Mario, all it takes is a stethoscope and an unlimited supply of pills. He’s a bit of a quack, but he’s all right.

The game itself is a fun little puzzler where you’re tasked with matching colored pills with one of three variations of critters on-screen. Connecting three or more will eliminate them from the field – represented by a hilarious struggling animation by the corresponding virus in the corner – and the task, quite obviously, is to destroy all of the nasties to clear the stage. It’s pretty straightforward, but in the same vein as Tetris, things can grow frantic as the speed increases and your mistakes begin to pile up.

There have been a few different entries in the series, but the most famous version is the NES original. Dr. Mario 64 allowed multiplayer for up to four aspiring clinicians, and with that in mind, the formula would likely translate well to the Switch with its simple controls and concept. What better way to kill time than by curing sickness itself?

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