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10 Funniest Games That Deserve Their Own Netflix Special


10 Funniest Games That Deserve Their Own Netflix Special

Comedy gold.

Games can take us to new worlds in order to let us live out our wildest dreams, whether that’s riding across a fantasy landscape, traveling to other galaxies, or shooting Nazis in the face. But what if you just want to laugh and forget your troubles? Sometimes we just want a good joke. Although most games don’t focus on comedy, the games on this list bring the funny. With humor that ranges from subtle to silly, these are the funniest games out there.


Subtlety is not Bullestorm’s strong suit. It’s a gory, hyper-masculine story of space soldiers with crass humor and absurd violence. More importantly, it’s a macho shooter that makes fun of macho shooters. Anyone who enjoyed classic shooters will find something to like here on a gameplay level, but Bulletstorm takes the violent power fantasy of old school shooters so far that it becomes hard not to laugh. The game rewards you for killing enemies in creative and often ludicrous ways. It’s this kind of hilarious (and completely on-point) commentary about the hyper-masculine shooters that we’re so familiar with that makes the game a laugh fest as well as a storm of bullets.


This post was originally written by Cody Mello-Klein.

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