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They Are Billions: How to Save Your Game


They Are Billions: How to Save Your Game

How to Save in They Are Billions on PC

They Are Billions can be really brutal. You’ll have set up a whole colony, lived a lovely life in the post-apocalyptic wilderness, only to have it all ripped to shreds by crazy zombies. Well, don’t add more difficulty to the game; make sure to save!

There is an auto-save system that kicks in every once in awhile (looks like it’s after each day in the game), but if you want to manually do it because you’re leaving right in that moment, you can certainly do that as well. Once you’re ready to call it quits and save your game, hit the ESC and a menu will pop. Here, choose “Save and Exit” and the game will make sure that all your sweet progress isn’t lost.

Always exit the game this way and you won’t have to worry about losing your hard work on your poor colony. Look, even though the zombies are all going to destroy everything eventually, it doesn’t mean we can’t marvel at our progress.

That’s all there is to saving in They Are Billions! If you need any more help, leave a comment down below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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