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They Are Billions: How to Rotate Buildings


They Are Billions: How to Rotate Buildings

How to Rotate Buildings in They Are Billions on PC

You’re going to do a whole lot of building in They Are Billions. Your primary objective, after all, is to develop a colony fit for thriving and surviving in the zombie apocalypse. But hey, you still want things to look nice, right?

Well, unfortunately, not many buildings can actually be rotated. At least not at the time of writing this post. This game is still only in Early Access, so that may change. It seems to be going the route of old RTS games, though, with very minimal rotation.

Even so, you can certainly still rotate the gate that you can build for your colony’s walls. To do so, you simply need to press tab when you’re going to place the gate down. It will let you get the right angle for it, ensuring your colony is safe while also allowing movement for your military units.

If one were to guess, when more buildings are added into the game that allow rotation, the tab button will probably do that still.

That’s all there is to rotating buildings in They Are Billions! If you need any more help with the game, leave us a comment down below and we’ll try our best to help you out.


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