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They Are Billions: How to Get the Radar Tower


They Are Billions: How to Get the Radar Tower

Stay on your toes.

How to Get the Radar Tower in They Are Billions

They Are Billions follows the fall of humanity following a devastating zombie attack. It is up to you to defend what little of mankind is left by crafting buildings, collecting resources, and shelling out new units to protect the colonies. The zombies will come from all directions at almost any time, so it is always best to have some kind of tower to detect any incoming enemies.

The Radar Tower is a nifty structure that helps players keep track of any incoming hordes even before they approach the colony. That said, these buildings are much more expensive to maintain than the typical Lookout Towers. Even so, it is usually best to always have the best buildings for a better chance to survive any incoming onslaughts. You can unlock the Radar Tower by either upgrading a Lookout Tower or by simply building it directly. Take note that you will have to research the Radar Tower in the Foundry first before actually unlocking it.

They key to surviving They Are Billions is by smartly allocating your resources and steadily upgrading the colony. For more tips and tricks on the game, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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