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They Are Billions: How to Get Energy


They Are Billions: How to Get Energy

How to Get Energy and Manage it Properly in They Are Billions

In the PC real-time strategy game They Are Billions, players have to maintain and build a city while fighting off hordes of zombies. An important part of maintaining your city in the early access game is the Energy resource, which most buildings require to run and be built in the first place.

By building structures like the Mills or Power Plant, you can gain more energy. By clicking on the command center, or the shortcut at the bottom right of the screen, you can open your construction menu. From here, the energy category can be found at the top right of the menu. At the start of each game of They Are Billions, you’ll have the Tesla Towers and Mills available to you. The Tesla Towers allow you to expand the space in which you can build around your base, and does not require any energy to build. The Mill will give you 30 extra energy for every one you build. You can later upgrade your mills through research to Advanced Mills which produce 50 energy each.

Mills also have a distance requirement, so you have to have 4 tiles between each mill. It’s best to use the usually-empty space near forests in between your sawmills. There usually isn’t enough grass in those zones for farms, so there’s nothing wrong with putting your mills there.

The stone workshop, which is the second research building available in They Are Billions, allows you to research the Power Plant. The Power Plant can be really helpful, because it produces a whopping 160 energy, but it can also be a curse because every real-time minute, the power plant uses five wood and stone. In the early parts of They Are Billions, where stone can be really important, many players strategy might be sticking to building tons of mills since you can upgrade them later on without sacrificing resources you might need.

In They Are Billions, vital buildings like worker homes, wood mills, and research centers need energy to be built, so it’s easy to run out if you’re not managing your space and resources. If you lose any of your power supplies, the buildings nearest to it that use electricity will stop working. This can range from bad to catastrophic if your turrets suddenly stop working in the middle of a wave of zombies attacking your base.

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This post was originally written by Babak Abrishamchian.

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