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5 Reasons Why The World Ends With You Remix is a Big Deal


5 Reasons Why The World Ends With You Remix is a Big Deal

Time for a comeback.

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 A Great JRPG Addition to the Switch Library 

The World Ends with You looks even better on the Nintendo Switch.

While likely changing in the future, the Nintendo Switch library is relatively light on the JRPG front. Pokemon is a juggernaut capable of shifting this paradigm entirely but, until then, smaller releases will be propping up Switch owners’ access to anime-esque games. 2018 promises Octopath Traveler, which is an intriguing JRPG with classic influences, but TWEWY Remix bolsters the lineup and provides a great way for Switch RPG fans to pleasantly pass their time between other big releases. While an exact release date for TWEWY Remix is not yet announced, the game will assumedly come after the point when those interested have had the chance to power through the Switch’s current JRPG goliath, Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Hopefully, TWEWY isn’t the last DS RPG to make its way to the Nintendo Switch. Radiant Historia, several Shin Megami Tensai games, and Dragon Quest IX are just a few awesome candidates for later ports; the success of TWEWY, sales-wise, may dictate whether or not such ports eventually happen.

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