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The PS4 Sold 5.9 Million Units During the Holidays

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The PS4 Sold 5.9 Million Units During the Holidays

Was a good holiday for Sony.

The Sony PS4 managed to sell a grand total of 5.9 million units worldwide during the 2017 holiday season, spanning roughly from Nov. 20 to Dec. 31. The announcement was made on their website along with a number of other sales figures.

“Thanks to the continued support from our fans across the globe, we are honored to announce remarkable sales during the holiday season,” said John Kodera, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “PlayStation Network continues to demonstrate spectacular growth, with the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers surpassing 31.5 million*5, and PS Store recording its largest-ever monthly sales of content in December 2017. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our community and our partners for helping us achieve such phenomenal milestones. We promise our unwavering commitment to bring more amazing experiences to our fans, including exclusive games and innovative network services, as PS4 continues to flourish as the best place to play.”

The announcement also included other numbers, telling that the PS4 has now sold a cumulative total of 73.6 million units globally. In addition, more than 55.9 million PS4 games were sold during the same holiday window.

This so far maintains the PS4’s sales trend of rivaling the PS2’s sales during the same period in its life cycle. To date, the PS2 remains the best selling console of all time, selling a total of 155 million units across its lifespan. While the PS4 is only just now encroaching upon half of that, it’s predicted to continue selling well.


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