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5 Takeaways From the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta


5 Takeaways From the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta

Complex, but promising.

It’s Different, But More Streamlined Than Past Games

The first two Dissidia titles weren’t your typical fighting games. They were surprisingly complex in how they let you equip your characters with various items, assign summons, level-ups, and customize movesets. It could all honestly be a bit overwhelming, especially if you were just wanting to jump into some matches, but Dissidia NT does away with a lot of that complexity.

Equipment is now completely gone, with you only being able to alter the look of each character’s costume and weapon. Character movesets and gameplay have also been streamlined, making each character have three Bravery attacks mapped to X, X+forward, and X+backward. These change in the air, of course. Additionally, each character now has one, sometimes two, HP attacks to use and three skills that are on a recharge during battle. This is all still fairly complex, but it’s a far cry from the way Dissidia used to be, with more emphasis now on the differences between each character and their respective classes.

There’s two other big changes that Dissidia NT makes to its formula, first of which is an emphasis on 3vs3 battles. The past two games were essentially 1vs1 duels, but now you’ll need to use teamwork to win each match. This results in an experience that feels far more hectic than before and definitely takes some getting used to. The second change is introducing summons into the actual battle instead of just granting players various stats or boosts when invoked. Summon Crystals periodically appear on the battlefield, and by smashing them you can build up your summon meter. Once full your team can call forth your selected summon, which will devastate the field with massive attacks, hurt enemies, and grant your party buffs. This means that while you’re trading blows with the other team, everyone’s trying to make a mad dash to the crystals and build up a summon. Dissidia NT may have the same core gameplay that the series is known for, but there’s enough changes here to make it something new.

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