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Pandemic’s Star Wars Battlefront II Gets a New Patch Update

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Pandemic’s Star Wars Battlefront II Gets a New Patch Update

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Pandemic’s Star Wars Battlefront II was originally released back in 2005 and was a massive hit with gamers for delivering an intense Star Wars game that also allows you to wage war across the galaxy with your friends. The reboot of the series in 2014 saw the franchise reborn and last year’s Star Wars Battlefront II was heavily criticized for pushing loot boxes on players.

Many players have gone back to the original game to get their fix and now, 12 years since its release, Star Wars Battlefront II has gotten a new update.

The patch is available for the PC version of the game and Disney took to the game’s Steam page to announce the patch and detail its notes. Minor bug fixes, optimized performance, improved lobby functionality, more accurate ping calculations, and more can be found in the update.

The game also received a major overhaul back in October when online servers were restored after being shut down years prior. The update made it possible for Steam and GOG users to play online together. It’s possible that Disney is aware of the fact that gamers would rather play a Star Wars game over a decade old than jump on board with EA’s latest version, though that’s just me talking.


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