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Sims 4: How to Do The Summer Camp Challenge


Sims 4: How to Do The Summer Camp Challenge

How to Do The Summer Camp Challenge in The Sims 4

The Summer Camp Challenge for The Sims 4 was created by Ingridz and pulls much of its inspiration from Simproved’s “The Island Challenge.” In this challenge, however, Sims aren’t on an island. They’re just a group of misbehaving Teen Sims that have been sent off to the Summer Camp for Troubled Teens. Their parents are all hoping that this camp will finally whip their trouble makers into shape but it should be a fair warning that results will vary with this camp. This challenge will task you with having a minimum of three Sims complete the summer camp course but there is a slight possibility that not every Sim will make it to the finish line alive.

Getting Started

The most obvious thing you’ll need to start the Summercamp Challenge is your group of troubled and misbehaving teens who have been sent off to camp by their parents. While you’re allowed to have up to eight teens at the camp at one time, you’ll start out by making only four Teenage Sims. You can make each look however you want and you have complete freedom when it comes to setting their aspirations. The only requirement is that each Sim must have at least one bad trait. You can get wild and make each Sim just the world type of person you can think of but only one bad trait it required for the challenge.

Make sure each Sim has a cheap photographic camera in their inventory and then add $100 to the household money for each Sim in the camp. So in the beginning you’ll start out with $400 but add another $100 every time a new Sim is added.

For your settings, all you’ll have to do is disable aging. You are not required to use any mods for this challenge although using MC Commander is recommended. If you’d rather not deal with mods, you can still play the challenge by using cheats instead.

You also have creative control when it comes to building your camp but you can easily download Ingridz’s camp from the gallery. Find Ingridzcoco and download the lot named Summercamp Challenge. The last thing you’ll need to get started is to make sure you have a pair of dice on hand. If you don’t have want to use physical dice, an online app or an app on your phone works just as well.

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