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Sega Breaks Down Yakuza Series With Interactive Timeline and Character Maps


Sega Breaks Down Yakuza Series With Interactive Timeline and Character Maps

The winding tale of Kiryu Kazuma just got a whole lot easier to understand.

Looking to catch up on the complexities of the Yakuza series’ world and storylines? Sega has you covered.

Now available for use on the game’s official website, Sega is compiling an interactive timeline and character map complete with every backstab, prison sentence and dramatic show of manliness that has occurred from the first game all the way up to the recently released Yakuza 0, in chronological order.

Want to know who wildcard Goro Majima had a bittersweet relationship with in 1992? They’ve got it. Curious about where series protagonist Kiryu Kazuma was when Taiga Seijima killed 18 members of the Seiwa clan single-handedly? Strangely specific as that is, you can piece it together with general ease through their character bios and corresponding timeline notes.

Though both interfaces currently only cover the series up to Yakuza 3, information related to the remaining titles and characters will be added chronologically leading up to the release of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life on March 20 for PlayStation 4. It should also be noted that all moments currently included are related to the core series, which excludes the events of Dead Souls and the Japan exclusive Yakuza Ishin.

It’s not exactly the full remake of the series we were hoping for, but considering the praise we’ve paid both Yakuza 0 and Kiwami, it’s still a worthwhile way to get caught up on the long and prolific series before it reaches its climax later this year.

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