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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: How to Get Charmander


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: How to Get Charmander

How to Get Charmander in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are definitely an improvement over Sun and Moon, and in no way is this more apparent than the inclusion of another generation of starter Pokemon in each Ultra iteration. Indeed, four generations of adorable starters are available to be caught soon after you begin the game for the very first time, including Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon see the return of the Island Scan system from their original versions. By scanning QR codes, players can “find” Pokemon that weren’t otherwise catch-able. Specifically, this happens when the trainer scans 10 QR codes using the game’s scanner to unlock an Island Scan.

The Pokemon that appear after using Island Scan depends on what island in the game you’re scanning as well as what day of the week it is. Seeing as how you want a Charmander, you’ll have to scan Melemele Island on a Sunday.

Once you’re done doing the deed, you’ll have to visit Route 3 and frolic among the tall grass as you usually do when finding Pocket Monsters. Soon enough, the orange fire-tailed lizard should appear for you to catch. Should you not like any of the starters Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have to offer, just use Island Scan to find even more Pokemon for your dream team.

For more helpful tips on how to catch em all in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, search for Twinfinite.

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