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5 New Year’s Resolutions For Nintendo to Keep in 2018


5 New Year’s Resolutions For Nintendo to Keep in 2018

There’s some work to do.

Bring the Rest of Their Major Franchises to the Switch

The Switch is still pretty new, but it inherits a rich gaming history from the Nintendo consoles that came before it. The Wii U didn’t honor that tradition as well as it could have, and Nintendo can regain a lot of favor by bringing back some of their major franchises and putting them on the Switch. Currently, only Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda have made their way on to the Switch, so Nintendo should use 2018 to get a few more on the console.

2017’s Metroid: Samus Returns was positively received, but plenty of gamers wished that the game had launched on both the 3DS and Switch. It’s nice to know that a fourth Metroid Prime will come to the console eventually, but 2018 sounds a lot better than 2019. Gamers can look forward to a new Kirby game on Switch this year as well titled Kirby Star Allies, but what about Nintendo’s other major franchises like Star Fox and Donkey Kong? And although Pokkén Tournament is technically a Pokémon game, the Switch deserves something more along the lines of what players have gotten on the 3DS the past few years. We know that a new Pokémon RPG is coming to Switch eventually too, but, just like Metroid Prime 4, it would be way better to learn that the game is coming in 2018. It also would be nice to hear about a new Mario Kart, Mario Party, Animal Crossing, and F-Zero as well.

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