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Nintendo Labo: Does it Have VR?


Nintendo Labo: Does it Have VR?

Is Nintendo Labo VR?

One of the most intriguing parts of the Nintendo Labo reveal trailer was that big cardboard robot suit, and the game that it interacts with. It essentially allows the wearer of said massive cardboard robot suit full body control of the robot on the screen, making use of the IR sensors of the Joy-Con and bits of IR tape tucked away within the cardboard itself. One of the big questions players had, however, was whether or not Labo incorporates some sort of Virtual Reality (VR) functionality.

As great as Nintendo Labo’s robot kit is – making use of rubber bands and bits of cardboard (along with the Joy-Con) to emulate the player’s movements inside the game – it does not have a VR headset of any sort. As such, Nintendo Labo is more like the next evolution of motion controls. Though VR would have been a great inclusion, it’s not advised for younger players – a demographic Nintendo looks to be targeting with Labo. Though it could always come at some point down the line as an additional kit to purchase, VR, for now, is not part of Nintendo Labo.

For more on Nintendo’s cardboard-based Labo, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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