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New Super Mario Bros. Receives a Fan-Made Sequel With 80 New Levels

newer super mario bros ds

New Super Mario Bros. Receives a Fan-Made Sequel With 80 New Levels

It’s more than just a mod.

Some dedicated New Super Mario Bros. fans have been quite busy. Also known for their work on the previous fan-made game Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, the folks over at have released a full-fledged fan-made sequel to the DS’s best-selling New Super Mario Bros. game, known as Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.

While Newer Super Mario Bros. DS is a mod of the original game, the substantial difference between this and the original makes it look much more like a sequel than a simple modification. Not only does the game feature 80 new levels and a brand new soundtrack, it also comes with a whole host of new mechanics. The trailer for the game shows the return of the hammer suit power-up, as well as a completely unique mine cart mechanic that can run along ceilings. It even features some new original enemies.

Those who are interested in playing Newer Super Mario Bros. DS can do so by downloading the ROM from the newerteam website and following the setup instructions. You can play the game on a DS emulator, but newerteam also takes you through the steps of patching your existing copy of New Super Mario Bros. to play on a DS system.


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