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5 Most Iconic Monster Hunter Beasts of All Time


5 Most Iconic Monster Hunter Beasts of All Time

Dare ye hunt these beasts of legend?

Welcome, intrepid travelers, to the wild frontier! The jungle is a lush, beautiful place, filled with vibrant life of all shapes and sizes. Your job as a hunter is to flush this fauna out, and smack it around until it’s a bloody pulp. It’s not for the faint of heart, and you may find yourself on the receiving end of some punishing blows that leave you collecting your teeth, but it’s great fun all the same.

Throughout the Monster Hunter franchise, we have been treated to all kinds of weird and terrifying beasts that require keen strategy to be able to subdue, and it’s our daunting task to try and narrow the list down to the five finest species of them all. Grab your supplies, take up your weapon, and be sure to pat your Felyne on the head (ain’t they cute?) – it’s time to get hunting!!

5. Zamtrios

Top 5 Monster Hunter Beasts of All Time

Monster Hunter Zamtrios

Street Sharks may have been jawesome, but this mean customer defies labels. With an icy exterior and a range of punishing attacks, Zamtrios knows exactly how to lay down the hurt on hapless hunters. It will radically change up its tactics as it takes more damage, initially relying on its armor to help it repel attackers, before finally employing its ultimate form of defense: inflating itself up into a giant ball and bouncing around recklessly. It’s admittedly not quite as cool to watch it do this, and in fact it looks remarkably like it spent too much time at the buffet, but you can’t argue with its effectiveness.

Many gamers have a particular phobia for sharks, and Zamtrios does little to dissuade this, crashing out from underneath you like Jaws at a smorgasbord. However, if you can gather your courage and avoid its wicked claws and gnashing teeth, you’re in for a unique battle that is an absolute ball. Pun fully intended there, not even sorry.

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