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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Wyvern Gems


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Wyvern Gems

How to Get Wyvern Gems in Monster Hunter World

Wyvern Gems are one of the scarcer crafting materials you’ll need to get your hands on in Monster Hunter World if you want to craft some of the strongest armor that the game has to offer. You won’t find these just lying around on the floor, nor are Wyvern Gems a common drop from monsters you’ve slain or captured. Instead, these beauties are saved for only a few of the beasts roaming the lush environments of the game.

In order to get Wyvern Gems in Monster Hunter World, you’re going to want to focus on hunting a few different beasts. Barroth, Rathian, and Radobaan are the best monsters to track if you need to get your hands on these precious gems, though you’ll want to make sure that you’re trying to capture these creatures, rather than killing them.

If you capture these creatures, you’ve got a better chance of acquiring Wyvern Gems as a drop in Monster Hunter World than you do if you straight up kill them. Though, they can still be gotten if you get a little too bloodthirsty on your hunt and slay the monster instead.

Unfortunately, Wyvern Gems aren’t a material you can quickly or easily farm in Monster Hunter World, aside from constantly capturing or hunting the monsters that they drop from. Still, at least that’s narrowed down the list of monsters you’ll want to go hunting. And remember, capturing will always grant you with a higher drop rate for these gems on these beasts, too.

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