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Monster Hunter World: What the Max Hunter Rank (HR) Is


Monster Hunter World: What the Max Hunter Rank (HR) Is

What the Max Hunter Rank Is in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World hasn’t been out all that long, but depending on how much time you’ve been pouring into it, you may be getting close to reaching the end of the story content. Just because you’ve defeated the final boss, though, it doesn’t mean that that’s necessarily the end of your monster hunting days. Your hunter rank can continue to increase for quite some time, unlocking more high-rank investigations for you to check out as you go. Therefore, you may be wondering exactly what the max hunter rank is in Monster Hunter World.

Well, if the latest entry in the series is anything like its predecessors, the max hunter rank could be as high as level 999. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the trophies/achievements list for the game tasks players with reaching hunter rank 100 if they want the ‘Established Hunter‘ bauble. As such, it currently remains unclear whether this is just a major milestone that players will hit in the post game content for Monster Hunter World, or whether the level cap has been dropped from what we’ve seen in the series’ past. As soon as we have solid confirmation, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

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