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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Charms and What They Do


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Charms and What They Do

Monster Hunter World is an unapologetically difficult game, and hunters owe it to themselves to seek out every advantage they can. The terrifying creatures of Monster Hunter World will never take mercy on players, so players should never take mercy on them. While weapons, armor, and strategy are all enormous factors capable of swinging the odds of a hunt, charms are also important. These small pieces of equiptment can boost attack, defense, stamina, and many other attributes, and these bonuses are priceless if used at the right time. However, knowing where to get charms and how to use them is not perfectly spelled out in Monster Hunter World. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

First of all, make sure you know how to equip charms. Once you get hold of a charm, try equipping it through the equipment menu. There is no need to place them on weapons or armor, and they are instead directly equipped to the player in their own slots. Each of them provides their own effect, and some are more useful than others. By checking their description, you can find the charm more suited for your play style and current task.

But there’s a more pressing question: how does a hunter even get charms? Well, charms are crafted, but not until a little later into the game. Unfortunately for beginner hunters, charms are not available until the player reaches the Coral Highlands, which is a landmark that comes shortly after the first Elder Dragon fight. After reaching the Coral Highlands, the player needs to find and talk to the Elder Melder in the research base. Afterwards, players should find the main smith, and from here, hunters should be able to craft charms. So, if you make it to the Coral Highlands, then you can have access to the benefits of Charms for the rest of the game.

Thanks for reading our guide. If you need more help with Monster Hunter World, check out Twinfinite’s Monster Hunter Wiki!

This post was originally written by Sean Pyle.

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